Automatic Car Driving

If you’re interested in learning how to drive in an automatic car, get in contact with us now.

Next Gear Driving Lessons

Automatic cars differ from manual cars as there is no need for the driver to manually change gears.  Automatic cars do not have a left/clutch pedal and therefore the left foot does not need to be used at all when driving. This is generally accepted as a simpler form of driving.

If you’re interested in learning to drive in an automatic car, get in contact with us.


The team at Next Gear Driving Lessons are fully qualified qualified driving instructors and are able to provide a comprehensive automatic driving tuition service. This is a popular choice for learners who are having difficulties with changing gears and using the clutch pedal. Automatic cars are also a natural choice for individuals with restricted mobility mobility. Generally, we recommend attempting to learn in a manual car first and then moving to an automatic if you are having issues with the clutch controls.

Learning in an automatic car can also be a suitable option for those who need to get on the road with a full licence in a shorter space of time as the handling is generally easier to grasp, resulting in a narrower learning curve.

Learners who pass their test in an automatic car are only permitted to drive automatic cars. To legal operate a manual car, learners will need to pass the manual car driving test.

Common Reasons For Learning In An Automatic Car

  • Automatic cars have less of a learning curve than manual cars.

  • Drivers who aren’t confident operating a manual car often switch to an automatic

  • Automatic cars generally take less time to master, meaning drivers usually receive their full licence faster.

  • If a driver is struggling during manual lessons, the instructor may suggest moving to an automatic car.

  • The driver is struggling with the clutch pedal.

  • The driver is struggling with understanding and/or changing gears

  • Drivers with limited mobility often opt for an automatic car.

  • Drivers who are learning at an older age will often choose an automatic car.