EDT Driving Programme

What Is The EDT Driving Programme?

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EDT stands for Essential Driving Training. This essential driving training has been mandatory for all learner drivers since April 2011. The structured programme provides each student with the fundamental skills required to drive safely. Each student is expected to complete 12 hours with an RSA approved driving instructor. Like any skill, practice makes perfect! You will need to support your lessons with independent driving. Learner drivers should do as much driving as possible to ensure they feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel.

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Getting Your Licence - Checklist

  • Age: 17 years of age or older

  • Theory Test: passed theory test in category B within the last two years

  • Medical Form: completed and signed by a doctor

  • I.D: two photographs signed and stamped by an Garda Síochána

  • Application Form: completed and signed

  • Cost: The current cost of a learner permit is €35