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Next Gear Driving Lessons

         I have just passed my driving test and upon receiving this amazing news, I was asked who my driving instructor was. I, of course, sang Brian's praises and my tester stated this test was 'one of the best' he has ever seen in his time of testing. I owe this all to Brian and it proves the level of clarity and skill that his lessons help you achieve! I was a very nervous driver to begin with, but Brian's in-depth advice and guidance in every aspect of driving gave me the skills and confidence I needed. I would recommend Brian to anyone beginning/continuing their driving journey. He is a true gent with an extremely kind and calming demeanor, putting you at ease the second you get behind that wheel!

Audrey Kane

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I cannot recommend Brian and Next Gear Driving Lessons enough! He’s such a lovely person and made me feel so confident behind the wheel. I only had 3 lessons, after a year of not driving at all and I passed with flying colours! Thanks a million Brian!

Ada O Brien

          I completed all my EDT driving lessons with Brian plus a few pre test lessons. He made everything so simple to learn and really broke down the processes of driving. He always answered any questions I had and put any of my worries at ease. Brian was able to work around school/work schedules to make sure I got my lessons done. I’d recommend Brian to anyone who’s looking to learn how to drive ! A true gent!

Fenella Riordan

          I have passed my driving test today and I did my 12 EDT lessons with Brian. I would be proud telling my friends and colleagues that if they are planning to take the driving test, they would be 100% sure to pass the exam if they got Brian as their instructor. Based on my experience, Brian will go through each box as to how you would pass and what are the things to avoid so you would not fail the exam, from there you can practice on things which you need to improve and avoid getting the same mistake.

Elyhc Garcia

          When I have questions or any clarifications, it's handy when you can easily whatsapp Brian, having that kind of support is unreal. I would highly recommend him to any learner who wants to do well on their driving test.

Brian is a brilliant driving instructor who went beyond the call of duty to help me learn how to drive correctly and safely. Helped me pass my test on the first try and I would highly recommend him.

Alan O Donovan

When I took my first lesson with Brian , I had never even sat in the driving seat

Brian has a very calming influence and I could feel my confidence grow lesson by lesson .Having passed my test today , I would highly recommend Next Gear Driving

Thanks so much Brian

Lucy Clarke

          I just passed my test on my first go with Brian as my instructor. He was extremely patient, calm, kind and he boosted my confidence as a driver. I’d highly recommend him as an instructor.

Dara W

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